Meet Pascal: “Travel hacking is the art of hustling”

Pascal's not the tiger

Pascal’s not the tiger

Meet Pascal Wagner.

Pascal is an online digital marketing guru specializing in lead generation. He’s based out of Denver, Colorado and suffers from a debilitating travel-hacking addiction… and the guy’s got mad skills with the GoPro (check out his Round-the-World video here)

Eva and I were lucky enough to pull him away from his busy schedule for an interview. And we’re bringing his travel strategies and tips straight to you cause they’re just too good to keep secret.

Watch our video interview with him, which I think you’ll find very interesting. We talk about:

    • His process of flying domestically for $10 or less, (1:17)
    • How you can rack up 100s of dollars of Uber/Lyft travel credits, (3:31)
    • Some resources to help you get started travel hacking today (11:47)

Q: So Pascal, what is travel hacking?

A: Travel-hacking to me is the art of hustling and finding loop holes in order to achieve your traveling dreams. If there’s a will, there’s a way and it’s the art of paying pennies on the dollar for flights that would cost the average person hundreds or thousands of dollars a flight.

Q: You mentioned the importance of managing your credit responsibly while travel-hacking. What sorts of things can you do to manage your credit responsibly?

A: I’ve put all my credit cards on automatic payment immediately after getting them. I pay the $1 or $5 to do the to check my credit report regularly. I also keep one card forever (which is my American Express) that I never plan to cancel – this increases my historical credit length average. And lastly I keep an additional card (with no annual fee) that I plan to keep forever. I use this card to pay for my recurring monthly subscriptions, so that I’m only using a small fraction of my available credit. This is a factor that goes into deciding your credit score (i.e. how much of your available credit line you use every month)

Q: What’s your tried-and-true method for fighting jet lag?

 A: I do two things.
  1. I stay up all night before a flight so that I pass out on the plane (it makes for a shorter plane right and it helps get me into the time zone)
  2. I honestly drink energy drinks or red bulls in order to stay up during the ‘normal hours’ of the day until9pm or so, and then set an alarm for 8am.
The maximum it usually takes me is 2 days to get over jet lag.

Q: Tell us about the best clubbing experience you’ve ever had while traveling?

A: There’s a 4 story night club in Bali called The Sky Garden, they offer free drinks before 10pm and it’s the place where every young tourist goes clubbing. I’ve run into people there 3-4 different times and it’s also a great place to meet people to go traveling with around Bali.

Q: What’s your ‘bucket-list’ travel destination?

A: Egypt, Bora Bora, Norway and Antartica have been on my list for a while. I hope to cross those off the list by the end of 2016. That being said my focus is more on traveling with someone rather than solo, after touring around the world this year on my own. 

Q: Let’s talk food. What’s the best meal you’ve had while traveling?

Seafood In Bali

Seafood In Bali

A: An all-seafood meal in Bali. We picked a fish that was swimming, they’d catch it out of the tank and grill it on the spot. We had a feast of several different fish for $20/per person which would usually cost $100/person minimum in the states. Here’s a photo for good measure.

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