Making travel your priority


Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England

Throughout life we have decisions that face us each and every day. It can be as big as buying a house or as small as picking out what color shirt to wear. One decision that we have made in our lives is to make travel a habitual way of living.

Our mantra is one that many would agree with, but very few act on: As twenty-somethings, now is our time to see the world.

But dropping everything and becoming a full-time jet setter is simply unrealistic for the majority of us. So what are our options? That’s where Shoestring Explorers comes in.

Can't remember this, honestly

Can’t remember this, honestly

Our friends constantly ask us for travel advice and are curious to know how we can regularly afford to travel while keeping our 9-to-5 jobs, going to school and attending to the countless responsibilities that we all bear. And every time our answer is the same: While we continue to go to work, pay our student loans, bills, and play house, we make travel a priority.

Bud, Eva, how can I make travel a priority?

Making the choice to travel more is not enough – you’ve got to take action.

And that’s why we started Shoestring Explorers, to find solutions to the obstacles that keep us Millennials from traveling.

Shoestring Explorers is not like other travel blogs that offer “Top 10 Destination” list posts or like those that solely focus on the blogger.

Our focus is to get you out the door and traveling the world!

And to make that happen, we share with you our proven strategies for frequent and fulfilling travel. That means everything from how to fly first class to finding the best vindaloo in Brick Lane. We know, firsthand, how rewarding travel is and our goal is to give you the best advice on how to become a life-long traveler.

Trafalgar Square, London, UK

We will teach you how to make travel a part of your life

And all we ask in return is that you make the commitment to yourself to follow through and make your dream of life-long travel a reality. So if the thought of travel is compelling and rewarding to you and you’re ready to take action, then welcome to Shoestring Explorers.

And in case you’re wondering who we are…

We are in our mid-20’s and always looking forward to our next adventure together. We seek unique and fulfilling travel experiences, which oftentimes leads us off the beaten path and away from the tourists.

We first met on the playground in elementary school, became best friends in high school, started dating at Florida State University, and are now married!

The "twenty-something" on a budget

The “twenty-somethings” on a budget

We currently live in Tallahassee, FL with our Scottish Terrier, Addie.

Eva is a full-time music therapist with Big Bend Hospice and Bud designs and builds online courses for Florida State University instructors.

Outside of traveling we enjoy live music, Florida State football, outdoor pursuits, playing music with our friends, and tasting new food, wine, beer and spirits. For us, nothing beats good food, good drink and good company.