Meet Pascal: “Travel hacking is the art of hustling”


Meet Pascal Wagner. Pascal is an online digital marketing guru specializing in lead generation. He’s based out of Denver, Colorado and suffers from a debilitating travel-hacking addiction… and the guy’s got mad skills with the GoPro (check out his Round-the-World video here) Eva and I were lucky enough to pull him away from his busy schedule […]

London for the ‘Outdoorsy’


One of the reasons we love this city, is for its green spaces. If you’ve always thought of London as the concrete jungle ‘across the pond,’ you’re just plain mistaken. The city of London has over 35,000 acres of dedicated public green space, which ends up being about 40% of the entire surface of the […]

Do This and Travel More… 10 Minutes to Get Started


We want to share with you our most powerful tool for frequent and fulfilling travel. It’s the simplest thing you can do TODAY to instantly maximize your travel experiences. In this video, you’ll learn about a powerful technique that helps ‘twenty-somethings’ travel like VIPs, jet-set on weekend trips with friends, and become lifelong travelers, including: A simple three-step […]

We Earned $400 in Travel from our Credit Card with this Script


We have something cool for you today. We want to share with you a proven script for earning signing bonuses with your existing travel rewards credit card. Keyword here is “existing.” This script is for those who already have travel rewards credit cards, and who want to take advantage of a current promotion that their card may be offering. […]

Meet Bud & Eva


Shoestring Explorers is not like other travel blogs Throughout life we have decisions that face us each and every day. It can be as big as buying a house or as small as picking out what color shirt to wear. One decision that we have made in our lives is to make travel a habitual […]